Staffing Agency Software

Staffing Agency Software

Tells you exactly where the applicants you supplied are in the evaluation process and notifies you every time their application status changes.

Folk Flow is free, with no limits. You can use it forever, at no cost.

Folk Flow Staffing Agency Software

Why should Staffing Agencies use Folk Flow?

It’s frustrating to follow-up with clients all the time to get to know the status of the candidates you supplied. Equally frustrating is to have to co-ordinate with candidates to schedule interviews.

Folk Flow, the ATS of choice for staffing agencies, solves these problems for the recruiters and makes the whole process streamlined and stress-free.

All your clients, in one place

Folk Flow - All clients in one place for staffing agencies

All the jobs, for each client, in one place

Folk Flow - All jobs in one place for staffing agencies

See live status of each applicant

Folk Flow - Status of each applicant in one screen for staffing agencies

Get notified every time the status of an applicant changes

Folk Flow - Notifications of candidate status change for staffing agencies.
Requires no payment, no commitment